(some of your) PROGRAM BONUSES

#1. Private 1-on-1 Mindful Business Session with Founder Heather Ramsey

Click here to book Heather’s Calendar now (for 1-on-1 in Week 5 or 6).

#2. Subconscious Rewired Audio

Click here to access audio recording  - Week 4 Curriculum

#3. WEVO Membership

What is WEVO ?

WEVO is a member based collaborative club that perpetuates personal and business growth while doing good in the world. We facilitate organized effort and energy in an illuminated and conscious culture to help you achieve what you desire in life... Click here to learn more

#4. Invite-A-Friend - Receive a 10% Thank You

“Bring a friend to ANY of the WEVO and/or ReWired Training EVER and receive a 10% Thank You, for every single colleague and friend that choses to join you and gain great benefit from “Mind Your Own Business” or any of our world-class programs. Click Here

#5. “Mind Your Own Business” Certification

Upon successful completion of the “Mind Your Own Business” course you will receive the “Mind Your Own Business” Certification.

#6. Facilitator/Trainer/Coaches Opportunity

When you are a graduate of this program, or any of the WEVO-ReWired programs, you are one step closer to the opportunity of being a facilitator and/or coach of this and all our world-class training, for our global members.

#7. $1200 Price Savings

$1200 off the regular $1997 course price.  Only $797.  If and when this course is ever offered again, it will be priced higher.