Wellness Resources

Wellness Formulas for Your Optimal Health

For over a decade we at Rewired have experienced vibrant health because of an international team of PhD Scientists at EcoNet who have created the largest functional plant library in the history of humanity under NatureTech. They have then created plant-based formulas for Univera that replicate & maximize optimal human systems such as optimal metabolism, energy, cell renewal, joint renewal, heart function etc.

Some of our favourites are the Advanced Cell Renewal (Xtra), Joint Renewal (Regenicare), Lining Renewal (AloeGold), Green Phytonutrients (MetaGreens), Probiotics (Aloedophilus), Heart/Arterial Flow & Blood Pressure (Rhythmatix), Optimal Cholesterol (Floresterol), Optimal Blood Sugar (Level G), Omega-3’s, the Weight Optimization Regime…   An incredible team of plant-based scientists, formulas, taste and results!”


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