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Heather Ramsey is a business growth expert, and success trainer, who is passionate about ensuring that mission-driven businesses get their great client results fully sold into the world, as opposed to being left under-discovered or worse yet die on the vine.  As a Master Facilitator, Heather doesn’t ‘talk at’ your audience, but instead interacts with them to ensure they produce game-changing results. The customized themes are chosen based on what’s going to make the biggest difference to their business growth - sweet spot goal setting & achieving, sales booking, sales closing, business, success and happiness training ...

3 of the Top Audience-Engaging Speaker/Trainer Sessions

  • 1

    Sweet Spot Goal Code: How to know now whether you’re going to hit your 12mth sales target - (before you invest your year, only to miss the mark)!

    --> Why most people miss 9 out of 10 goals (sales or any type of goal).
    --> What the Top 5% do, that the rest wish they knew.
    --> How to change your goals so you hit (vs miss) 9 out of 10, and operate in the sweet spot of success!

  • 2

    Sales Booking Formula: Book Sales App’ts in your Calendar 24hrs After this Event

    --> 2 proven methods to automate "prospect follow-up" so you never lose hot leads!
    --> Reactivate your stacks of old business cards & get booked sales in your calendar within 24 hrs.
    --> Get a VA (virtual assistant) to do your follow-up, yet sound like it's you speaking.

  • 3

    Sales Closing Checklist: Before, During & After of every Successful Sale

    --> Sales checklist to ensure you’ll never miss key elements of the sales process again.
    --> Why "handling objections" may be the reason you've lost sales, plus: how to prevent objections from ever coming up.
    --> One magic sales element: How to ‘be a stand” for your prospect, especially when they start to get ‘cold feet’.

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