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Dedicated to Building Successful Entrepreneurs & Organizations for the 21st Century

ReWired WorldWide Mission

"To integrate holistic success strategies into business, into legacy projects and into life!"
and in the process
"To Rewire 1 Million people for Higher Success & Happiness!"

Founder, Heather Ramsey

Heather Ramsey is a business growth expert, and success trainer, who is passionate about ensuring that mission-driven businesses get their great client results fully sold into the world, as opposed to being left under-discovered or worse yet die on the vine.  Both ReWired’s Business Growth Strategies and Success Training have produced product-launching, sales-doubling, game-changing results for the businesses, the entrepreneurs and the employees who run them.


  • Co-Authored ACHIEVE book with Robert Allen.
  • Featured on LEAP Summit of World-Class Coaches.
  • Co-Authored LEAP book with Jack Canfield.
  • Featured on Fox News.
  • Appointed to Ministry of Energy’s Advisory Council.
  • Hosted the World Council.
  • Built break-through Rewired4Happiness, Rewired4Success, Rewired4Business...
  • Taught over 1000 Professionals the Art & Science of Facilitation.
  • MC’ed Up With People show, performed in half-time of the Super Bowl.

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