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Step 1: Watch the video to see if you Qualify for a Business Growth Consult directly with Heather Ramsey

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Step 1: Yes Clients Have AND You Can Get GREAT Results from this Proven “Sales Booking Formula"

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Yes entrepreneurs, sales & business professionals have been able to book more sales, close more deals, and identify their best strategy to double their sales, with all our sales systems - Sales Booking Formula, Sales Closing Checklist, Sales Doubling Score Card and more...

AND  -  I would be foolish or misleading as a business professional to say you’ll have more sales by the end of today.

Well actually one of our clients did hop off a private 1-on-1 with us, and launched and sold 3 of his systems that same day!  $1500 brand new $’s and system launch in the first day.

AND  -  Typically business sales growth comes as slow or as fast as your own growth as an entrepreneur.

In business, and in life, there is a difference between taking one baby step and crossing the finish line, between thinking more successfully and being more successful, between setting a higher financial goal, and having that new increased cash in your bank account.

There is a difference between ‘getting some implementable value in your inbox’ and ‘producing real lasting results’.

Step 2: Qualify for Real Business Support = Real $ Business $ Results

For 100% of the Rewired4Success & Rewired4Business community of professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, they have achieved real results through one extra key component and that is interacting directly with me.

I have been able to produce real results that matter to their business and their life - at live events, with live interactions on line, and the highest and most immediate results-producing with specific 1on1 attention on your business challenges, opportunities & track to win on.

Camille didn’t increase her monthly income by $2138 after just one of our sales techniques, but she did permanently increase her monthly income by $2138 when she went through the full 8 Step "Rewired4Success" cycle.


Coming to a Rewired live event didn’t get Laura her latest $60,000 deal, but when she engaged with me regularly that produced her latest $60,000 corporate deal, plus the next one, and a third in the pipeline.


So what’s your key business or sales challenge?  Or maybe they are one in the same for you - “sales in your business” - is your top challenge!

More specifically perhaps you have a lack of qualified leads, lack of sales conversion, and therefore frustration and an overwhelm of non-results producing busy’ness.

One Rewired client said “You took the ‘Busy’ out of my ‘business’ and put the revenue back in my bank account.”

“Smart Business Audit” = Smart Results in Your Business

So that I can do the same thing for you, I’ve created a very special invitation.  For the last 25yrs I’ve worked with high performing individuals - entrepreneurs, sales and business professionals, government officials, investors, head CEO’s of billion $ companies - and I walk them through a process that results in them increasing their income and/or achieving the results they are shooting for in their business…

This “Smart Business Audit”, has not only produced more prospects, sales, clients and income.  Even more importantly these leaders are doing more of the bigger impact they are meant to make. When your business works it enables us to have more time freedom, play a bigger role in our family, in our community, and on the planet.

The end result of the “Smart Business Audit” is that it will become crystal clear to you - What the Top Strategy is to Achieve your Big Goal - whether that goal is related to - sales, systems or sanity!  Your version of success!

Do you meet these 4 Qualifications

I’m opening up a limited number of spots in my calendar for entrepreneurs and business professionals who qualify with certain characteristics.  If you don’t have these characteristics I’ll ask that you don’t take me up on this extra bonus offer here, and yet still gain value from the ‘sales strategies’ that are coming into your inbox. However ...

If you meet these four characteristics:

  • You’ve been in business for over 3yrs (why that’s important is you’ve passed one of the toughest milestones of survival in business AND you’ve demonstrated consistency in your behaviours). Now yes it could be under 3 years IF this 2nd criteria is true...
  • You’ve already produced revenue in excess of your business & personal expenses, and you’re in revenue growth mode (I say that because that means you already have a foundation from which we can truly grow your business).
  • You either are the owner of the business, part of the leadership team, and/or you sell the products and services - you are an entrepreneur, sales professional, or executive…
  • Final criteria, and perhaps the most important, is that you really want to grow your business, you’re passionate about what you do, you’re teachability, open-minded, fun, have a “Can Do” attitude, and ready to do what it takes.

Book your 1-on-1 Smart Business Audit in my calendar right here and now.

Book your Free Smart Business Audit Now

When we’re together during this Smart Business Audit - we’re going to take a look at your business both from the 35,000 ft level and on the ground, in the trenches, to see what are your biggest business assets, your biggest challenges or blocks, and which business & sales strategies or techniques will produce the highest leverage results for you.  From that perspective we’ll determine which part of your business or sales processes can be optimized to increase the income and impact you’re making now.

When I look at the people we’ve produced real results for ...

One of our clients Laure hit her new $32,000 goal in 8wks and went on to quadruple that, just through implementing three of our key sales and success processes.

Dale a single mother of four increased her sales closing ratio by 2.5X's, that's 250% more $s or more time with her children.  Best part is she's gone from doubt to surprised when people don't buy!  And the WINS keep coming...

Step 3: Book your 1-on-1 Smart Business Audit

So if you meet those 4 criteria - in business for over 3 years, or at least income surpassing your business & personal expenses, leadership in that business, and a strong teachable commitment to grow your business and yourself, then you qualify and I wouldn’t hesitate to book your “Smart Business Audit” with me right here, right now!

Book your Free Smart Business Audit Now

All you have to do is click on the ‘Book your Free Business Audit consultation now’ and select the best time for you.  By the way I opened up just a limited number of spaces in my calendar for these “Business Audits”, so if you see that someone else has booked this week’s times, find the first available time next week, to book one of the limited windows in my schedule.

Imagine yourself right now – knowing your biggest assets, challenges, targets and most importantly your top strategy to knock it out of the ball park!

If you’re still here and haven’t clicked on the “Smart Business Audit” link, and if you’ve been struggling to do your business on your own, feel like there’s no time to do what you need to do, feel overwhelmed, feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel, you want to increase your income to put aside for retirement, and you’re truly ready for sales, systems and sanity …. Imagine this consult could be the most important thing you do, that changes the course of your business & your life forever. I don’t say that lightly, or theoretically, I say it out of having produced gaming changing results for one entrepreneur, business owner and executive after another...

So Click and Book your Business Audit now, so you’ll get the answers you’ve been looking for (sooner vs later or never).

Heather, Founder & Head Trainer, ReWired WorldWide

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